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Sookie Stackhouse {True Blood}
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Sookie Stackhouse and her brother, Jason, were raised by their grandma, Adele after their parents died. While for the most part they grew up closely, inevitably a gap started to appear between them. It's only just been starting to be breached in the wake of Adele Stackhouse's death.

A lot of it stems from the fact that Sookie has never been 'normal'. She's a telepath, one who can't always control what she hears. She is assaulted by people's thoughts constantly, making dating incredibly hard.

She finds that it's only vampires that bring her silence, their thoughts a mystery to her and a very tempting one.

Ever since Bill Compton walked into Sam's, her life just hasn't been the same. This simple waitress from Bon Temps has been pulled into all sorts of trouble, usually stemming from the fact that her blood is apparently like vampire crack.

Writer's Note...
Regarding canon, Sookie will for the most part incorporate any current canon. She will reference it and be aware of it.

Personally though, I don't plan on addressing the fairy issue. I don't particularly care for Sookie/Bill either and this is not a ship that I will explore openly. I am more than happy to interact with just about any other ship, just not the main canon one. Sorry.

Sookie belongs to HBO, Charlene Harris and a lot of people who aren't me. I'm also in no way affiliated with Anna Paquin who portrays Sookie in True Blood. This is for pretendy fun time games, no profit is being made.

Mun and muse well over 18, so proceed with caution when interacting with them.

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